Clermont Coal Mine - Near Emerald, Central QLD Clermont Coal Mine - Near Emerald, Central QLD Clermont Coal Mine - Near Emerald, Central QLD Clermont Coal Mine - Near Emerald, Central QLD

Clermont Coal Mine - Near Emerald, Central QLD

Project featuring the RECO TerraClass® System.

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General Information

RIO TINTO COAL AUSTRLIA is currently constructing the Clermont Mine, located 12 km northwest of the township of Clermont in Central Queensland. When the mine reaches full capacity (expected in 2013) it will produce up to 12.2 million tonnes of thermal coal for international markets. The deposit holds 190 million tonnes of thermal coal, and the mine has an expected life of 17 years. The Clermont deposit is contained within the Wolfang Basin, on the western margin of the Bowen Basin, a significant Permian coal basin stretching 600 km long and 250km wide.  The major seam, named Wolfang, constitutes 90 per cent of the deposits' reserves and has an average thickness of 45m. When the mine reaches full capacity, scheduled for 2013, it will produce up to 12.2 million tonnes of thermal coal per annum. After being washed and prepared for sale, the coal will be transported by conveyor to stockpile and rail facilities at the nearby Blair Athol Mine. From there, it will be loaded onto trains for transportation 278 kms to the Dalrymple Bay Coal Terminal where it will be shipped to international customers.

BGC Contracting was awarded the civil works package and their scope included clearing & grubbing, topsoil removal and re-use, stormwater drainage, bulk earthworks, construction of light vehicle pavement roads including bitumen seals, industrial stockpile areas including foundations and drainage structures and sedimentation basins. Also included within the scope was the construction of the Northern Haul Road, ROM Ramp & Pad, ROM Reinforced Earth™ Wall and Coal Handling Plant Area IPCC Embankment Engineering Fill.

Clermont Coal Mine - Near Emerald, Central QLD

RECO proposed the TerraClass® system, comprising reinforced concrete facing panels, galvanised steel soil-reinforcing strips and selected backfill.  The highly loaded structure required high strength select fill to ensure stability. The Reinforced Earth™ Company was responsible for the design & supply of the retaining wall system while Retaining Solutions were engaged to carry out the installation of the works with full time supervision. After extensive staff SKM, BGC Contracting RIO TINTO Safety inductions and preparation of strict QLD Coal Mining Safety Procedures, the site works were able to commence.

The project was the most difficult rewall construction undertaken by Retaining Solutions personnel based upon the project location, tight specification constraints, climatic conditions of Central QLD and most importantly the compressed construction programme within the structure had to be built. Retaining Solutions sequenced 2 construction crews to operate over the 4 month construction programme working 7 days a week 6am to 6pm. Each shift was a maximum of 10 days/12hrs per day to ensure fatigue limits of personnel were not exceeded with a 4 day rest period. Construction was completed 1 week ahead of schedule. 

Retaining Solutions scope included: installation of unreinforced concrete levelling pad; TerraClass® panels; REHas; geotextile; connector plates; spreading & compaction of approx 42,000m3 of imported select backfill; spreading, compaction and conformance of cement stabilised medium to underside of dump slab/dead man anchor arrangement. Retaining Solutions also installed the full height gravel encapsulated chimney drain in addition to the impervious HDPE membrane liner/geocomposite fabric protection layer required to protect the Reinforced Earth™ Zone. Dump slab arrangement, batter stabilisation and erosion control was carried out BGC Contracting. 


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Project Specs

  • Application - Dump Structure
  • Product - RECO TerraClass® System
  • Finish - Plain Grey Smooth
  • Area - 2800m2
  • Max. Height - 22.535m
  • Length - 180m
  • Loadings - Komatsu 830E-C
    (390 tonnes)
  • Design life - 20 years
  • Owner - Rio Tinto Coal Australia
  • Client - BGC Contracting
  • Construction - 4 months

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