Elouera Gardens Retirement Village - Cherrybrook NSW Elouera Gardens Retirement Village - Cherrybrook NSW Elouera Gardens Retirement Village - Cherrybrook NSW Elouera Gardens Retirement Village - Cherrybrook NSW

Elouera Gardens Retirement Village - Cherrybrook NSW

Project featuring a Keystone Pyrmont® & No-Fines Concrete Wall.

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General Information

The Elouera Gardens Christian Retirement Village is located in the leafy suburb of Cherrybrook. Award-winning gardens provide a lovely setting for the more than 70 villas and apartments that offer a range of accommodation to these who are retired and enjoy and active lifestyle. Alterations and additions to Yurana House and Bethshean Nursing Home located within the village were designed by Sawdy and Black Pty Limited Architects in Sydney and LH Building Services Pty Ltd were awarded the contract for construction.

Retaining Solutions Design Construct Pty Ltd were invited the tender for the design, supply and installation of Boral Masonry Pyrmont® Retaining Walls and various Planter Boxes to AS4678 that formed part of the outdoor garden area which would also act as a main thoroughfare to the new two storey building being constructed.

Elouera Gardens Retirement Village - Cherrybrook NSW

The main garden area had a 2.4m high retaining wall with a 2:1 batter above on the North Western Side to retain a cut embankment with a 1m high planter box incorporated in front of the wall. Several other planter boxes were within the garden area with a wheelchair access ramp down the centre.

The Retaining Wall and planter boxes were backfilled with “No Fines” 15MPa Concrete providing additional mass to allow the maximum heights without utilising geogrid soil reinforcements. A non-woven geotextile was used as a separation layer between the retained fill and “No Fines” Concrete.

The end result is a lovely garden area with access to residents who maybe in wheelchairs that is sheltered from the weather all year round.

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Project Specs

  • Application - Cut Embankment Stabilisation & Planter Boxes
  • Product - Keystone Pyrmont® & No-Fines Concrete
  • Finish - Hawkesbury Yellow
  • Area - 168m2
  • Max. Height - 2.4m
  • Length - 70m
  • Loadings - 5 KPa & 2:1 Batter
  • Design life - 60 Years
  • Owner - Christian Brethren Community Services
  • Client - LH Building Services
  • Construction - 3 Weeks

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