Glenfield Junction Upgrade, Glenfield NSW Glenfield Junction Upgrade, Glenfield NSW Glenfield Junction Upgrade, Glenfield NSW Glenfield Junction Upgrade, Glenfield NSW

Glenfield Junction Upgrade,
Glenfield NSW

Project featuring the RECO TerraPlus® System.

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General Information

The Glenfield Junction Alliance is undertaking the Glenfield Transport Interchange Works, including the construction of the northern and southern flyover and the upgrade of Glenfield Station and rail/bus interchange and the realignment of Railway Parade. It’s led by the TCA in partnership with Parsons Brinckerhoff, MacMahon Contractors, Bouygues Travaux Publics and MVM Rail. The northern flyover will separate the East Hills and the South Lines, and the southern flyover will connect the new rail line with the existing rail network.

The system adopted for the northern flyover - piled bridge abutment and return approach walls and approaches was the RECO square shaped TerraPlus® precast concrete facing panel system. The reinforced soil walls were constructed directly adjacent to the railway track corridor and all staff required associated RISI training.

Due to the nature of the train loadings and subsequent design requirements for bearing pressure and settlement criteria the existing foundation conditions required various treatments subject to wall chainage and associated height/loading. A high strength woven geotextile (250kN/m @ 6% strain, limited to 2% creep @ 100 yrs) reinforced load transfer mat (LTM) was required for 25% of the foundation to span the CFA 900mm dia piled arrangement. A cement stabilised sand layer (750mm thick) was required for 20% of the foundation, and conventional excavation and replacement with a structural fill material (750mm thick) for the remainding 55% of the foundation footprint.

Glenfield Junction Upgrade, Glenfield NSWW


Retaining Solutions scope of works involved the installation of: concrete footings; TerraPlus® panels; corner units; REHas soil reinforcement; sample tests strips; gravel encapsulated chimney drains; placement /compaction/profiling of batter profile adjacent to tracks; cartage, conditioning, placement, spreading & compaction of imported RSW select backfill & general backfill. The entire construction of the Reinforced Earth TerraPlus® System was staged due to access which required constant use of RSW stockpile and materials handling using excavator/bogie combination for backfilling operations. All embankment construction was to be carried out in accordance with RECo specifications and ARTC engineering manuals and specifications.

The works were carried out to a very tight construction programme on time, within budget and most importantly satisfying GJA & ARTC strict OHS guidelines. Retaining Solutions produces with every wall complete, full quality documentation e.g Inspection & Test Plans, Daily Quality Verification Checklists in addition to detailed daily site diaries detailing operations and overall checks carried out over the duration of the wall construction from levelling pad placement to finishing panel placement & draping of top layers of REHas to allow for final levels to underside of reinforced concrete crash barrier arrangement. Instrumentation and monitoring plans/procedures were followed closely by GJA for new structures adjacent to existing railway line structures.

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Project Specs

  • Application - Piled Bridge Abutment & Approach Walls
  • Product - RECO TerraPlus® System
  • Finish - Plain Grey Smooth
  • Area - 1363m2
  • Max. Height - 7.821m
  • Length - 276m
  • Loadings - Railway Ladings & Crash Barrier
  • Design life - 100 years
  • Owner - ARTC
  • Client - Glenfield Junction Alliance (GJA)
  • Construction - 10 weeks

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