MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW

MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW

Project featuring the Austral Cornerstone® Positive & Geogrid System.

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General Information

Masters Home Improvement is joining the list of national businesses calling Riverside Park Home. This state of the art Home Improvement Centre will total 13,500m2 under roof, with the customary trade centre and nursery. But don’t be nonchalant about another hardware shed because this is not the genre of Masters Home Improvement, they have set the bar astronomically high with polished concrete floors, air-conditioning and ceilings throughout, making the D.I.Y shopping experience most enjoyable for both men and women and far surpassing any of the competition.

Masters Home Improvement has more than sufficient car parking and can easily be accessed via the roundabout into Riverside Park from Manns Road or from the lights at Riverside Drive on the Central Coast Hwy. Under-croft will be medical suites to maximise site potential.

Serious About Civil Pty Ltd was contracted by

MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW

Riverside Park to project manage the entire project from start to finish including their own scope of works which included bulk earthworks, stormwater and flexible pavement construction. Retaining Solutions was engaged for the design & construction of 3No reinforced soil walls. Pells Sullivan & Meynink (PSM), experienced engineering consultant, was engaged for the onsite geotechnical assessments, settlement and global stability analyses of proposed structures

As part of the new development, a number of retaining structures were required for both car park stabilisation and industrial slab access down side of warehouse. A number of retaining wall alternatives were investigated for the fill embankment stabilisation. These included both reinforced concrete cantilevered walls and reinforced soil walls options utilising precast concrete panel or segmental block using both extensible for inextensible soil reinforcement. One major concern was the adopted system had to cater for anticipated settlements of up to 50mm and subsequent differential settlement of 1:100. After major consideration of all alternatives the preferred system was that of the Austral Cornerstone® Positive Reinforced Soil System which ticked all the boxes from design through to construction and OHS considerations.

CornerStone® Positive

CornerStone® Positive is a vertical system designed for special project situations that demand retaining walls with exceptional strength such as highway, industrial pavement, railway embankments, critical water applications and projects in regions where earthquakes are prevalent.

CornerStone® Positive features a unique geosynthetic positive connecting system that connects units both horizontally and vertically at every reinforcement layer. Units at the geosynthetic layers are connected not only side by side, but also vertically, giving the wall superior positive structural strength. The geosynthetic is wrapped around the high strength polyethylene connector bar and wedged into the pre-formed grooves in the units above. This creates a continuous geosynthetic positive connection with units above and below the reinforcement layer along the entire length of the wall

Each positive connector wrapped with geosynthetic interacts with three units creating a unique triangle interlock which significantly increases the connection pullout strength of the geosynthetics and gives the wall incredible structural strength. Due to it's superior connection capabilities CornerStone® Positive may reduce the geosynthetic strength and number of layers required in the wall, saving the installer time and money. The CornerStone® Positive connectors are only required on courses where geosynthetics are used. The hollow core, CornerStone® Positive units have been used to create a wide range of attractive, sound and environmentally friendly walls ranging from residential landscaping walls to large commercial projects. The system uses three basic components block, cap and

corner units. Maximum weight of straightface units are 36.4kg each (11 units/m2 face). No special equipment is required for installation. These lightweight, hollow core units are much easier to handle than comparable solid units. The units typically have a random split face that resembles weathered rock. Unit shape and size are balanced to provide a natural profile that complements virtually any design or style of construction.

MASTERS Home Improvement - West Gosford, NSW

Other key features of this particular design application was that the design had to cater for a future stormwater pits/void formers for proposed concrete piers supporting elevation concrete ramp at rear of development.; drop pits and reinforced concrete wall/integrated crash barrier/palisade security fence arrangement at the top of the wall. No-Fines concrete was used behind the wall facing column where hand compaction required could not be achieved. The wall system also had to cater for drill rig “strip loads” in the order of 180kPa offset 2.5m behind wall facing. Only positive connection systems could allow such loads in relation to required geogrid/fascia connection strength.

As part of this project Retaining Solutions Design Construct scope of works included: the design of the reinforced soil walls to AS4678 “Earth Retaining Structures” ; supply & installation of: Austral Cornerstone® Positive blocks, high strength polyethylene connectors, Miragrid 5XT polyester geogrid soil reinforcement, 20mm drainage aggregate, 100mm dia socked and slotted drainage aggregate pipe, excavation &

installation of gravel encapsulated chimney drains at the rear of the reinforced fill zone, and spreading & compaction of the imported select backfill (quarry crusher dust) used within the reinforced fill zone.

The works were carried out to a very tight construction programme on time, within budget and most importantly satisfying Serious About Civil and Riverside Park critical path deadlines. Retaining Solutions produces with every wall complete, full quality documentation e.g Inspection & Test Plans, Daily Quality Verification Checklists in addition to detailed daily site diaries detailing operations and overall checks carried out over the duration of the wall construction from levelling pad placement to capping unit installation. This level of documentation proving to be both beneficial to both developer/owner and Retaining Solutions.

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Project Specs

  • Application - Car Park Embankment Stabilisation
  • Product - Austral CornerStone® Positive & Geogrid System
  • Finish - Split Face "Charcoal"
  • Area - 870m2
  • Max. Height - 5.0m
  • Length - 330m
  • Loadings - 25kPa & Crash Barriers
  • Design life - 100 years
  • Owner - Riverside Park
  • Client - Serious About Civil Pty Ltd
  • Construction - 4 weeks

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