Rix's Creek Upgrade, Singleton NSW Rix's Creek Upgrade, Singleton NSW Rix's Creek Upgrade, Singleton NSW Rix's Creek Upgrade, Singleton NSW

Rix's Creek Upgrade, Singleton NSW

Project featuring the RECO TerraClass® System.

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General Information

Bloomfield Collieries decided in December 2005 to upgrade their existing dump structure. The upgrade required that the existing Reinforced Earth™ retaining wall be pulled down and re-built to cater for heavy loadings, i.e increased dump vehicle capacity.

The unique feature of this project was that the existing wall had to be pulled down and completely re-built within a 5 week mine shut-down period. This was carried out over the Xmas break of 2005, just when the temperatures in the Hunter Region are at their extreme.

The existing structure was pulled down within 7 days and re-built within 4 weeks to meet the owners deadline.

New Acland Coal Expansion - Darling Downs Region QLD


The Reinforced Earth™ Company engaged Retaining Solutions directly to reconstruct the newly designed dump wall catering for the higher vehicular design live loadings.

Retaining Solutions scope included: bulk excavation; installation of unreinforced concrete levelling pad; TerraClass® panels; REHas; geotextile; connector plates; conditioning, cartage, placement, spreading & compaction of imported select backfill. Batter stabilisation and erosion control was carried out via the installation of a 200mm clay capping layer over the entire Reinforced Fill Zone. 

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Project Specs

  • Application - Dump Structure
  • Product - RECO TerraClass®┬áSystem
  • Finish - Plain Grey Smooth
  • Area - 495m2
  • Max. Height - 14m
  • Length - 51m
  • Loadings - CAT793C (390 tonnes)
  • Design life - 50 years
  • Owner - Bloomfield Colleries
  • Client - The Reinforced Earth™ Company
  • Construction - 5 months

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