North Turramurra Golf Course, NSW North Turramurra Golf Course, NSW North Turramurra Golf Course, NSW North Turramurra Golf Course, NSW

North Turramurra Golf Course, NSW

Project featuring Rock Filled Galmac/PVC Woven Mesh Gabions.

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General Information

The construction of the North Turramurra Recreation Area involves a three stage reconfiguration of the North Turramurra Golf Course consisting of ten new golf holes and increasing the length of the current course by approximately 1000m. The three stages of the project involve: the construction of the first five new holes within the former Ku-ring-ai council landfill site, the overhaul of five holes contained within the south east footprint of the current golf course and the refurbishment and irrigation to seven existing golf holes. The construction of three new multipurpose flood-lit sports field, associated infrastructure, and car parking and clubhouse facilities will then follow as stage four and five.

Mainland Civil was awarded the contract in 2013 for stage one construction. Jeffery & Katauskas Pty Ltd was the engaged geotechnical engineer.

Key design aspects of this project included: temporary bench/berm/batter stabilisation, materials separation, sedimentation/catch drain/erosion control measures, GDL geocomposite drainage layer installation over temporary batters and foundation treatments beneath gravity gabion wall using starter bars/rock anchors and/or rock socket/pile arrangements.

North Turramurra Golf Course, NSW


Retaining Solutions scope of works involved the supply and installation of gabions, basalt rock infill and the non-woven geotextile for the mass gravity walls retaining slope A and B of the landfill site. Due to the variability of backfill within the landfill /steep access and the fact the site was located within an area that experiences heavy rainfall, soil properties for the retained backfill of the wall were difficult to obtain, causing delays to the installation of the wall. In order to minimize the amount of delay from this problem, Retaining Solutions installed the wall in such a sequence in order to adapt to the availability of the site backfill. Heavy rainfall also caused delays throughout the construction phase for materials to be delivered and plant accessing the wall retaining Slope A.

Retaining Solutions was also engaged for the spreading & compaction of the crushed sandstone forming the wedge behind the cages. Pre-fabrication of gabion cages was completed for both walls on top of the bulk earthworks platform to fully utilize down time due to steep grade access to Slope A and minimize the amount of time delay caused by rain effects during the works.

Retaining Solutions engineers carried out detailed risk assessments (SWMS) along with monthly site audits for quality assurance verification ITP’s.

Construction of the walls commenced in April 2013 and was completed in July 2013, with total construction duration of three months.

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Project Specs

  • Application - Embankment Stabilisation
  • Product - Rock Filled Galmac/PVC Woven Mesh Gabions
  • Finish - Basalt Rock
  • Volume - 1200m3
  • Max. Height - 6m
  • Length - 125m
  • Loadings - 10kPa & Batter Loadings
  • Design life - 60 years
  • Owner - Ku-ring-ai City Council
  • Client - Mainland Civil
  • Construction - 3 months

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