Wambo Coal Mine CHPP Upgrade - Hunter Valley NSW Wambo Coal Mine CHPP Upgrade - Hunter Valley NSW Wambo Coal Mine CHPP Upgrade - Hunter Valley NSW Wambo Coal Mine CHPP Upgrade - Hunter Valley NSW

Wambo Coal Mine CHPP Upgrade - Hunter Valley NSW

Project featuring the RECO TerraClass® System.

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General Information

Kinmont Engineers were engaged for the design and development for the structural and civil design and detail of a major upgrade to the Coal Handling Preparation Plant (CHPP) at Wambo Coal Mine, Hunter Valley NSW.

The upgrade to Wambo included a new Run of Mine (ROM) dump station, a 400t ROM hopper and Reinforced Earth™ wall 14m high, a primary crushing structure, a ROM conveyor system, coal preparation plant, and a clean conveyor system including two transfer stations.

The Reinforced Earth™ Company was responsible for the design & supply of the retaining wall system while Retaining Solutions were engaged to carry out the installation of the works with full time supervision. The dump structure was constructed using the Reinforced Earth™ TerraClass® system, comprising reinforced concrete facing panels, galvanised steel soil-reinforcing strips and selected backfill.  This dump structure was designed to carry loads from a 318Tonne CAT 789B dump trucks and CAT 992 front end loader over a 30-year service life.

After extensive staff inductions and preparation of strict safety procedures, the site works were able to commence. Due to the height of structure and

Wambo Coal Mine CHPP Upgrade - Hunter Valley NSW

subsequent foundation bearing pressures, substantial foundation excavation & replacement was carried out along with required subsurface drainage systems which were later connected to chimney drains located at the rear of the Reinforced Earth™ Zone.

Retaining Solutions scope included: installation of unreinforced concrete levelling pad; TerraClass® panels; REHas; geotextile; connector plates; conditioning cartage, placement, spreading & compaction of imported select backfill; excavation & installation of full height gravel/geotextile encapsulated chimney drain to the rear of the Reinforced Earth™ Zone. To ensure post construction contamination of select fill did not occur and the chemical and electrochemical properties were not altered from the design conditions, the RECO design incorporated an impervious and durable textured 2.5mm thick HDPE acid resistant membrane covering the entire Reinforced Earth™ Zone.  The impermeable barrier extended for a minimum of 1m beyond the vertical chimney drainage layer and was mechanically fastened to the perimeter of dump slabs and dish drains. Batter stabilisation and erosion control was carried out using heavy grade geotextile with “Rip Rap” rock protection with concrete dish drains and batter drains at the base of each wing wall.

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Project Specs

  • Application - Dump Structure
  • Product - RECO TerraClass® System
  • Finish - Plain Grey Smooth
  • Area - 840m2
  • Max. Height - 13.9m
  • Length - 69m
  • Loadings - CAT 789B (318 tonnes) & CAT 992 (92 tonnes)
  • Design life - 30 years
  • Owner - Wambo Coal Pty Ltd
  • Client - Kinmont Engineers Pty Ltd
  • Construction - 2 months

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