Retaining Walls

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Reinforced Earth™  Panel Walls

Precast Panel Reinforced Earth™ Walls

RE Panel walls (marketed as RECO Reinforced Earth™ walls or VSL Retained Earth™ walls) are a composite system of a face panel - generally concrete and a steel reinforcement element - either in the form of a steel strip or... more info.

TerraMet® Reinforced Earth™  Walls

® Reinforced Earth™ Walls

Reinforced Earth™ structures combine selected granular, engineered backfill with steel tensile reinforcements and a modular facing system. This combination creates a durable retaining wall. The technique is adaptable to retaining walls of any practical height. Reinforced Earth™... more info.

Segmental Walls

Segmental Concrete Masonry Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls
(6 wall-types)

There are a number of types of segmental retaining wall systems available in the... see all Segmental Walls.

Concrete Crib Walls

Precast Concrete Crib Walls

CONCRIB Retaining Walls are low cost, of open web construction and can be quickly and inexpensively erected. They can be used almost anywhere a retaining wall is needed – driveways, building sites, garden areas, and when planted out will add beauty and value to your property... more info.

Reinforced Concrete Cantilevered Masonry Walls

Reinforced Concrete Masonry Cantilever Retaining Walls

Connex™ Mortarless block wall system from Boral.

The Boral Connex mortarless system comprises three modular components which key together eliminating the need for mortared joints above the first course... more info.

Steepened Reinforced Slopes

Steepened Reinforced Soil Slopes

Retaining Solutions is able to provide a range of options to the designer, developer or contractor to effectively increase useable land area and minimise fill requirements by steepening design batter slopes, retaining general fill cost effectively and provide innovative retaining... more info.

Gabion & Rock Mattress Structures

Gabion & Rock Mattress Structures

Gabions and Rock Mattress structures have been marketed in Australia since the 1970’s. Internationally these products have been marketed for over a hundred years. Gabions and Rock Mattress structures are generally formed by the weaving of wire (of varying diameter) into mesh... more info.

Concrete Sleeper Walls

Sleeper Retaining Walls

A Sleeper Wall that looks great and will NEVER ROT!

Concrib Sleeper Walls are a unique product that combines the strength and durability of concrete with the beauty of a wood grain finish... more info.