Segmental Concrete Masonry Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

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Geogrid Reinforced Walls

Geogrid Reinforced Soil Walls

Geogrid reinforced walls are gravity retaining walls with an expanded width (commonly known as “Reinforced Fill Zone”) created by the placement of geogrid behind a column of segmental facing units. The combination of segmental units and geosynthetic layers act together creating... more info.

MagnumStone Walls

MagnumStone Walls

The MagnumStone™ product is a large block, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system. The environmental and economical advantages of MagnumStone™ are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry. Because of its size and design flexibility... more info.

Steel Reinforced Walls

KeySteel® Reinforced Soil Walls

KeySteel® (in-extensible) reinforced walls are high performance, mechanically stabilised earth retaining wall systems developed specifically for taller walls (highway walls), walls with heavy surcharges, piled bridge abutments and walls where loads or structures are within the... more info.

No Fines Concrete Gravity Walls

No-Fines Concrete Gravity Walls

The use of “No Fines Concrete” is an effective alternative to that of traditional geogrid reinforced structures. This solution is also advantageous when walls between 1.6m to 3m in height are required close to property boundaries or adjacent to rock cuttings. This solution reduces... more info.

Massbloc Walls

Massbloc Walls

The Rocla MassBloc® retaining wall system comprises large, permeable concrete blocks weighing around 1.8 tonnes that are interlocked by a nib precast into the base of each unit. This means permanent retaining walls can be deployed rapidly to counter erosion, land slippage... more info.

Loc-A-Bloc Walls

Loc-A-Bloc™ Walls

Loc-a-Bloc™ is a retaining wall system aimed at the higher end of the retaining wall market because of its engineering capabilities and architectural aesthetics, with the appearance of sandstone and the structural properties that natural stone cannot apply. Loc-a-Bloc™ engineering... more info.


CornerStone Positive Walls

CornerStone® Positive is a vertical system designed for special project situations that demand retaining walls with exceptional strength such as highway and railway embankments, critical water applications and projects in regions where earthquakes are prevalent... more info.

Earth Anchored Walls

Earth Anchored Walls

The use of earth/rock anchors is a cost effective retaining solution when bulk excavation for traditional geogrid reinforced segmental walls is not possible or impractical. Essentially the earth anchors are driven back into the residual soil to the required depth (typically past the... more info.