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Earth Anchored Walls

a cost effective solution when bulk excavation for traditional reinforced walls is not possible

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General Information

The use of earth/rock anchors is a cost effective retaining solution when bulk excavation for traditional geogrid reinforced segmental walls is not possible or impractical.

Essentially the earth anchors are driven back into the residual soil to the required depth (typically past the predicted failure surface). All earth anchors must proof tested up to 90% of yield strength. Working loads are typically between 50% and 90% of the proof test value.

Anchors can be driven by a variety of equipment from a jackhammer to a Bobcat.The drive steel is then removed; a hydraulic load locker is then used to Lock and “Proof Load” test the installed anchor.

Earth Anchored Wall

The reduced “reinforced backfill zone” is then connected to the earth anchors. There are different connections developed depending upon type of earth/rock anchor adopted and the type of segmental block to which the anchors are being connected. Segmental blocks with pinned connections have been connected to the earth anchor via the use of cables to the anchor head and/or block/geogrid frictional connections tied to the anchors utilising a railing system along the embankment cut face and geogrid wrapped around the rail and back to the wall face.

Refer to images on the left and also photo gallery illustrating the use of rock anchors in association with chemical resin cartridges.

Earth anchor solutions are specialised by design and installation. Earth/rock anchor design anchor size/spacing/structural connection to the facing) must be verified by a suitably qualified geotechnical engineer experienced in soil nailing/rock anchor design & installation.

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