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Loc-A-Bloc Walls

aimed at the higher end of the retaining wall market with its engineering capabilities and architectural aesthetics

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General Information

Loc-a-Bloc™ is a retaining wall system aimed at the higher end of the retaining wall market because of its engineering capabilities and architectural aesthetics, with the appearance of sandstone and the structural properties that natural stone cannot apply.

Loc-a-Bloc™ engineering capabilities are such that heights of between 0.6m to 9m can be achieved with a variety of engineering solutions for retaining walls from mass gravity to reinforced concrete cantilever to recently developed geogrid reinforced soil solutions.

Loc-A-Bloc Wall

The basic Loc-a-Bloc™ construction element consists of a concrete block with horizontal and vertical hexagonal cores, with a coloured bolstered replicated rock face. A key feature of the system is the configuration, which utilises the horizontal and vertical cores or keyways to provide a powerful interlocking connection by concrete in-fill. All components are patented and manufactured by LOC-A-BLOC™ AUSTRALIA Pty Ltd.

The range of product and the finishes allow engineers and architects to specify the product on large and small projects. It also shows the versatility it has to meet individual project requirements. A comprehensive and complementary range includes half blocks, 45 and 90 degree corner blocks, double sided blocks, wedge blocks (for convex curves), drainage blocks, pier blocks, stair treads and risers, and capping in several styles

Marine Retaining Walls

Sea walls are an option for many waterfront properties. Many with ageing and crumbling sandstone walls are facing replacement decisions. Many owners of waterfront properties are interested in improving their properties and arresting erosion with the greatly enhanced

utility, longevity and appearance that a new Loc-a-Bloc™ wall provides. For many marine applications Loc-a-Bloc™ offers the visual appearance of sandstone plus the advantage of having no steel with which to run the risk of 'concrete cancer'

Commercial & Industrial Retaining Walls

There are many cases where civic authorities or commercial developers desire a major wall with the appearance of sandstone but need structural properties that natural stone cannot provide RTA R57 compliance.

There are other circumstances where the batter required with other systems consumes excessive amounts of expensive land area. These situations are ideal for the Loc-a-Bloc™

Residential Retaining Walls

There is a large demand for decorative walls for residential property.

This applies both internally, as a feature wall, and externally for landscaping.

Estate Entrance

Developers are enhancing Estate Entrances to entice buyers to their prestigious up market estates thus increasing sale prices.

Method Of Construction

The method of construction is the blocks are dry laid, meaning no mortar is required between the courses, and once the wall is at the desired height

the cores are then filled with concrete or gravel, depending on the engineering requirement first with the selected matching capping.

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  • Residential
  • Civil Works
  • Civil Beautification
  • Marine Walls

Component Sizes

  • There are three component sizes with distinct uses in the Loc-a-Bloc™ system.
  • 400 Series - Dimensions 400mm x 200mm x 200mm, weight 27kgs.
    For small low walls, freestanding, cantilever up to 1.8m or geogrid soil reinforced up to 6m. (Residential and small commercial applications, 25 – 32MPa)
  • 600 Series - Dimensions 600mm x 300mm x 300mm, weight 95kgs.
    For engineered solutions on low walls with high surcharge, freestanding, cantilever, single skin up to 3m or geogrid soil reinforced up to 10m. (Commercial, civil and marine applications, 42MPa)
  • 1800 Series - Dimensions 1800mm x 900mm x 900mm, weight 2.5tonne.
    For engineered solutions on mass gravity from 0.9m up to 2.7m – gravel filled, cantilever up to 8m or geogrid soil reinforced up to 20m (Civil and infrastructure works, 25- 42MPa

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