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easily installed, low cost, hollow interlock construction

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General Information

The MagnumStone® product is a large block, hollow core, wet-cast segmental retaining wall system. The environmental and economical advantages of MagnumStone® are unprecedented in the retaining wall industry. Because of its size and design flexibility, MagnumStone® is ideal for almost any retaining wall project from residential to large commercial installations.

These large blocks enable gravity walls to be built up to 2.6m high as a single skin, and 4.8m high as a double skin, making them ideal in boundary situations where crib-walls or gabions would generally benefit. As soil reinforced walls, the maximum height is limited to designers imagination (15-20m high).

MagnumStone® Walls

Ease of construction

The MagnumStone® unit was designed with the end user in mind. The hollow core design reduces the unit weight, making it easy to handle for any small or large type of machinery. The patented SecureLug, tapered sides, 8 square feet face and light weight MagnumStone® system out performs the old traditional wall methods, speeding up installation time and reducing costs considerably.

A MagnumStone® installation crew can construct 800 to 1,500 square feet of wall units per day, making this one of the quickest and easiest wall systems to build. The unique hollow core design makes the MagnumStone® system easy to assemble and disassemble when building temporary wall projects. The flexibility and ease of installation provides the end user with many options to solving nearly any wall problem.

Stability, strength and safety

MangumStone® is a large wet-cast retaining wall system, cleverly engineered with a hollow core. Its hollow design uses nearly half the concrete of a solid system while

maintaining all of its strength and durability. The environmental and economical advantages of the MagnumStone™ system are unprecedented in our industry.

Low cost

Not only can the MagnumStone® units be loaded and unloaded two at a time, quickly and easily, but a typical 48,000 lb truck can transport nearly 300 sq ft of units. This means fewer trucks to manage, reduced expensive

labor and a major reduction in costly fuel consumption compared to typical solid systems. Fewer trucks on the road and project site will reduce the potential for project delays.


Two different types that have a range of patterns to match your needs; Field face and Castle Face.

The hollow blocks allow for traffic barriers, railings, fences or even large “Jersey” barriers that projects require for top of wall safety.


The MagnumStone® retaining wall system was developed with the engineer, designer and installer in mind. MagnumStone®’s durable, high strength concrete SecureLugs fit into the lower unit’s hollow core, allowing significant lateral movement without losing the unit interlock. The wet-cast manufacturing process provides the units with high strength, low absorption and great freeze/thaw results.

Tapered sides make it easy to build tight curves and straight walls with complete accuracy. The MagnumStone®’s vertical and horizontal hollow core, filled with clear crushed gravel, provides added weight, an excellent wall drainage system and a superb connection with the geosynthetic reinforcements.

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Features & Benefits

  • Hollow blocks allow for reduced transport and project costs
  • increasing installation time and easy to handle
  • The wet-cast manufacturing process provides the units with high strength, low absorption and great freeze/thaw results
  • Easy to build tight curves and straight walls with complete accuracy


  • Highway embankments
  • Railway embankments
  • Critical water applications
  • Earthquake prone areas

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