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Massbloc Walls

permanent retaining walls that can be deployed rapidly to counter erosion, land slippage or wave energy

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General Information

The Rocla MassBloc® retaining wall system comprises large, permeable concrete blocks weighing around 1.8 tonnes that are interlocked by a nib precast into the base of each unit. This means permanent retaining walls can be deployed rapidly to counter erosion, land slippage or wave energy.

Reinforced Earch Panel Wall

Rocla MassBloc® retaining walls are economical, easy to transport, quick to install and require minimal base preparation. The system is ideal for cut and fill installations.

Rocla MassBloc® walls are relatively flexible structures that are typically based on a compacted aggregate foundation. Components are manufactured from wet-cast concrete, resulting in a very durable retaining wall system. The blocks are resistant to cracking and do not splinter or decay like treated timbers or railroad sleepers. The blocks contain no steel reinforcement (apart from a galvanised lifting eye) and have no exposed wires to corrode.

Features & Benefits

Rocla MassBloc® is so easy to install that two experienced workers with an excavator can place up to 70m² of wall per day. The blocks are easily lifted and placed using the galvanised lifting eye

cast into the top of each block. Using this system entire retaining walls can be built in a fraction of the time spent on many other systems.

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