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General Information

Each and every retaining wall application requires careful assessment of physical, structural and geotechnical conditions. Upon review of all conditions certain products available in the market place are better suited to particular applications (see right column).

Please note the relevant specification and/or standard (AS4678 or NSW RTA R57) to which all retaining walls must be designed too and most importantly the wall application governs the choice of retaining wall products available in the marketplace.

For example tall, heavily loaded walls, bridge abutments etc are best designed and built utilising “positive connection systems” i.e facing connection strength does not control the internal stability of the soil reinforcements, e.g systems in the market place which meet this criteria are KeySteel®, Terramid, Landmark segmental block systems and reinforced soil panel systems. Please contact your local industry manufacturer for more detailed system information.

Built To Standards

All Retaining Solutions Design Construct projects and industry manufactured products are designed and constructed in accordance with to the latest standards, namely:

For commercial and industrial applications:

  • AS4678 (Australian Standard for “Earth Retaining Structures”)
  • Recommended manufacturer installation guidelines

For highway applications

  • NSW RTA QA Specification R57 Design of Reinforced Soil Walls
  • NSW RTA QA Specification R58 Construction of Reinforced Soil Walls
  • Recommended manufacturer installation guidelines

Relationship With You

Through a relationship with suitably qualified and experienced structural and geotechnical engineers, Retaining Solutions is capable of providing preliminary through to “as constructed” AUTOCAD drawings on all projects. We also issue as part of every project a detailed construction programme indicating full scope of works and involvement of our business partners. As a team, Retaining Solutions and these consultants are helping developers preserve more of their land through the efficiencies of the walls and paving they design and construct.

If you have any enquiries regarding retaining wall solutions, from preliminary design stages through to design/construct packages please do not hesitate to contact us.

Refer Downloads for Design Checklists in accordance with AS4678 for segmental walls, cribwall and sleeper walls. Other Industry available information has been selected due to interest of Retaining Solutions and may be of interest to our clients.


  • Gravity walls are betted suited for retainment of cut embankments & applied loadings
    • e.g crib, sleeper, gravity segmental, gabion, “No-Fines Concrete” and “Earth Anchored” walls
  • Reinforced soil walls are better suited for retainment of fill embankments & applied loadings
    • Reinforced soil segmental walls, reinforced soil panel walls and reinforced soil slopes
  • Further assessment defines the use of reinforced soil walls for medium to high walls
    • Geogrid reinforced segmental walls are suited for walls up to and between 4 to 6m high
    • Steel reinforced segmental walls are suited for walls up to and between 6 to 10m high
    • Steel reinforced soil panels are suited for walls up to and between 6 to 20m high and higher.

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