Rock catch fencing are passive systems, designed to arrest and contain falling debris and rocks from steep slopes and rock faces. Rock catch fencing is usually rated according to the energy absorption capabilities. For example, a barrier rated at 500 kJ (kilojoules), has ability to arrest a one tonne boulder travelling at 100kph.  Retaining Solutions can construct barriers with ratings up to 5000kJ (as much as ten times this strength).

Each barrier consists of a complex arrangement of steel cables, anchoring points, and energy absorbing devices, and offers a high degree of deformation and energy absorption.

These systems are most often seen in Europe where they are often deployed in alpine regions. However, the theory and practice are the same — be it Europe or Australia.

These innovative safety systems are gaining popularity because they significantly reduce the risk of damage to people and property by capturing and containing mobile rocks and debris.


  • Road cuttings
  • Rail corridor cuttings
  • Mine access roads
  • Embankments behind buildings
  • Public areas below natural cliffs
  • High rocky embankments
  • Man-made cuttings
  • Temporary cuttings