RSS Panel walls (proprietary products known in the market as RECO Reinforced Earth™ walls or VSL Retained Earth™ walls) are a composite system inclusive of a face panel – generally concrete and a steel reinforcement element – either in the form of a steel strip or welded mesh, that is positively connected one to the other such that a stable unified gravity soil mass may be formed. The facing panel is generally a precast concrete unit that provides local soil stability and a face for compaction of the retained soil.

The panel may incorporate a special colour, texture or pattern to enhance the visual effect of the structure. The steel reinforcing elements extend from the rear face of the concrete panel into the retained soil mass such that there is an effective increase in the shear capacity of the soil. The use of steel soil reinforcement elements allows the construction of retaining walls to very tall heights with the ability to withstand very large vertical and horizontal loads that are commonly associated with mining, bridge and highway structures. These specialist panel wall types are generally recognised as the single most appropriate technical solution to many specific retaining wall applications, where the tensile stresses generated within the structure are of such magnitude, that the use of alternate polymeric solutions such as a geogrid, becomes technically not feasible or uneconomical to use.


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